Best Family Beach Chairs


Over the last few weeks we’ve brought you a selection of the best beach tents and shelters in an array of categories to suit all needs. This week we’ve decided to look at beach chairs to accompany your tent on your family holiday. From bright chairs to accompany your bright tent, to chairs suitable for children to use with their children’s beach tent. If you spend a lot of time on the beach, it’s nice to know…

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Beach Lounger Pack Chair with Speakers and Digital Amplifier

buying a beach tent

We normally review reasonably priced beach equipment here at but today we thought we might make an exception who want the very best for the beach! It’s also something slightly different. The is made for those people that like the ultimate luxury on the beach. This is a beach lounger with built in speakers and digital amplifier, which sounds pretty simple until you realize that they have also packed in two attached coolers, an…

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Our Top Rated Beach Chairs


A useful addition to the beach tent is the humble beach chair. You might think that any chair will do but the latest designs incorporate some very useful features which make life on the beach a little easier and more comfortable. With that in mind we thought we’d take a look and summarise our top 4 rated beach chairs using the following criteria: Price Amazon Customer Rating Features Take a look at our table below…

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A Review of The Sport-Brella Beach Chair


The is a beach chair that has an attachable Umbrella to help block out the sun. The Umbrella is 50 SPF to help fight against both sun burns and skin cancer and it can connect to either side of chair which allows you to adjust the angle based on position of the sun. The Umbrella also has hinges, swivels, and pivots to adjust and provide the perfect amount of shade. The Sport-Brella also reclines which…

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Is This the Best Beach Chair Ever?


We’ve been taking a detailed look at that other “must have” beach accessory – the beach chair. Here’s what we found: The Best Beach Chair We looked long and hard at dozens of beach chairs and used the following criteria when judging which chair should really get our vote as the best. Price – whichever way you look at it, everyone wants value for money. This does not mean that the cheapest is be Strength…

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