Tips For Buying A Beach Tent

Buying a Beach Tent – Top Tips

buy a beach tentExposure to the sun is extremely damaging for adult skin, and even worse for kids and babies. Any bad sunburn can lead to melanoma as an adult. Sunburn can show up as pink or redness in the skin within 2 to 4 hours, and pain can set in between 12-14 hours. If a baby under the age of one year gets a sunburn, it can be very serious. Sunburns lead to blisters, dehydration, fatigue, dizziness, skin cancer, and could possibly be fatal.

There are many preventative measures to protect from sunburn. You can try to stay out of the sun during peak hours, 10:00 am until 3:00 pm. Definitely wear water proof and sweat proof sunscreen with UV-A and UV-B protection, a hat with a brim and back flap, sunglasses, and clothes that protect the skin, such as a light colored shirt with long sleeves and long lightweight pants.


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The beach is a place where you’ll need adequate protection from the sun.Another way to protect yourself and your family while in the sun, (or the park, or the back yard) is with a beach tent, or a baby beach tent, which is a smaller version. A beach tent will protect your family from the sun, both UV-A and UV-B rays, wind, which can be quite strong on the beach, and blowing sand, which can get into your belongings, your eyes, mouth, etc.


A baby beach tent protects from all of these things, but is just big enough to lay baby in while you are sitting in the sun.Beach tents also provide privacy from crowded beaches, plus give you a private place to change a baby’s diaper or quickly change your child’s clothing. If you have a beach tent with a floor, it will protect your skin from irritation from the sand, and from tiny insects that may dwell there.There are several things to look for when buying a tent for the beach.

buying a beach tent

First, you need to look for easy assembly. You do not want to waste your time struggling with a tent on the beach for all to see. You want to get out there, put it up, then go on and enjoy yourself. There are some tents that simply pop up in a matter of seconds. Taking them down should also be simple and quick.

The tents should also have protection from the sun. Most good beach tents will have a special coating on the material to block out the harmful rays from the sun. This is especially good for babies and kids. If there are mesh sections on the tent, it should have closures so that the sun can be blocked from all angles. Indirect sunlight can damage the skin, in addition to direct sunlight.

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The tent you decide on should be durable. Mother nature can whip the winds around at the ocean’s edge. They should be able to withstand high wind gusts, and should include long stakes to be used in the sand for the windiest of conditions. You do not want your tent to wind up in the ocean, or a half mile down the beach. You also want protection from rain if a storm blows up faster than you can get to shelter. A good tent should safely fit your family and all of your belongings. Obviously, a baby beach tent will not have the space for this.

Lastly, look for a good quality tent. You will want materials that will allow you to reuse your tent summer after summer, without breaking or tearing. Remember to look for one with a sturdy material and strong supports that will last. You also want to find a tent that is big enough to fit your cooler, chairs, and several people if necessary.

buying a canopyIt is always a good idea to research beach tents before you decide on which one to buy. Look at reviews from other customers and see which ones other people like the best. Try to make quality and durability a factor, rather than cost. This way you will guarantee that you have purchased the best tent for your family’s needs.