Our Top Ten Beach Accessories

Ok, so you’ve got your beach tent and the next trip is planned. But what other items do you need which will make your time at the beach more enjoyable and easier? We’ve taken a look at hundreds of accessories and this is our top ten in ascending order……..

At number 10 it’s the Umbrella Hook for Towels/Camera/Bags.

A simple but effective idea which has a number of positives. You can hang items from it such as towels, cameras etc, any such items add weight to the tent and give it more stability and it’s adjustable to fit all poles.

At number 9 it’s the DRY PAK DP-46 DRY PAK DP-46 Waterproof Case.

This neat case can be used to store your cell phone, MP3 player or any other small electronic appliance. It’s padded and lined, has an adjustable lanyard and is completely waterproof even when you use it to snorkel! You can use your phone even when its inside the pack. One negative is that it’s just slightly too small to hold a US passport but other than that it’s a cool product.

At number 8 it’s the GAME 4360 Waterproof Playing Cards.

Again a very simple but effective idea. These cards are 100% waterproof and the same size as normal playing cards. The makers claim that you can play and shuffle them in water without them sticking together. 36 people out of 59 rated them as either 4 or 5 star.

At number 7 it’s the SPIKER 6-Pack Beach Holder.

Drinks on the beach are always great but how often have you propped up the drink against something only to turn around and see that it’s fallen over, spilling your cold one into the sand? We think this is a great product to provide somewhere safe for your drink. It comes in a pack of 6 and the only real issue we have is that we think it’s slightly over-priced.

At number 6 it’s the Rio Brands UT-01 Beach Umbrella Table.

If you want something to hold your drinks with a little more style then we’d go for the Beach Umbrella table……there are four drink holders and the whole thing assemblies easily without any tools. Comes complete with a carrying case.

At number 5 it’s the Original Rolling Beach Duffel Bag.

This is a great item which allows you to haul lots of stuff down to the beach. It’s actually large enough to mean only one trip from the car to your chosen spot. It has large wheels which roll pretty easily over soft sand and completely washable.

At number 4 our choice is the Grand Trunk Parasheet Beach / Picnic Blanket.

We like this because it’s nice and large with lots of space. The fabric is nylon which dries very quickly and the sand then just shakes off it. If you want it to stay put then it has corners which have pockets which can be filled with sand.

At number 3 is the Rio Beach Wonder Wheeler Wide Beach Cart.

If you have a larger family and therefore have lots of stuff to transport down to the beach then this is the thing for you. It’s got 15 cubic feet of storage and can carry 100 pounds of weight – now that’s a lot of stuff! The whole thing folds up so it can be carried easily in the trunk of your car.

At number 2 is the Picnic Time Beachcomber Portable Beach Mat.

We really like this one. It’s a beach mat with a steel frame so that you can make it into a backrest which is adjustable. It contains a zipped pocket in which to store items. The whole thing is 61 inches in length and 42 inches from the backrest to the end.

And finally at number 1 is a product we’ve featured before – The Toughstake.

We think this is one of the most ingenious products around…….the idea is so simple yet so clever. It’s a relatively new product so doesn’t have many reviews yet but one reviewer stated “Stakes worked really well on the windy beach in North Padre Island.” You can see it in action here. If you want a method of securing your beach tent then get hold of a pack of these!