The Lightspeed Quick Draw Sun Shelter & The LightSpeed Quick Cabana – Guest Review

There is nothing worse than going to the beach and feeling uncomfortable due to the sun or sand. Being at the beach should be a pleasurable outing for you and your family. The frenzy of a day like this, especially with a big family, can definitely be overwhelming. If you are usually loaded with bags that contain food, toys, sunscreen, towels and other items and still have to worry about setting up a comfortable shelter for your family, don’t fret because your problem can easily be resolved.

The Lightspeed Quick Draw Sun Shelter is here to make a trip like this a piece of cake.

How quick is very quick?
This sun shelter is unbelievably quick to assemble. Not called a light speed shelter for no reason, it sets up in seconds due to its fantastic draw string pole system. Putting it together requires no effort, is quick and very practical. When you arrive at the beach or at a sunny location, it is stressful to take time and effort to create a safe-haven for your children against the dangers of the sun. Usually after taking a long time to arrange a shelter, most adults feel exhausted and most children already have flushed faces. This will no longer be a problem. If you enjoy the quickness and efficiency of folding beach chairs you will be pleased with this product. It entails the easy-to-use characteristics of the best beach chairs, but protects you from any environmental threats like the sun, wind or insects.

Is it easy to take to the beach?
This product couldn’t be easier to carry around with you. It weighs 3.6 pounds and measures 79 x 43 x 43 inches. If you are travelling and need protection from the sun, during fun excursions with your family, this is the ideal solution. You can take it with you inside your luggage in a diagonal or upright position, depending on the size of your bags. It comes with a bag that has a strap, and can be easily folded into it and unfolded out of it, perfect to be carried on long walks or to easily pack in the car.

What are you waiting for?
Any event or outing that may have the risk of sunburn or overheating? The Lightspeed Quick Draw Sun Shelter is here to save the day! Shade can be so precious when relaxing with your family outdoors, and there is room inside for the whole family to lounge in. The tent comes with stakes that can easily be set up in a garden or buried into the sand. This revolutionary system will change the way you, your family and friends enjoy beautiful beach or garden scenarios. It can fit up to two beach chairs inside, so if you aren´t a big fan of sand or if it it’s so warm outside, that you can’t help but burn your feet, you can still enjoy a day near the ocean. Gaze at beautiful ocean views, feel the ocean breeze and sit or lay happily in a grand sun shelter. The ventilation is provided by the stripes that can be seen in the picture, so you will always feel a cool breeze inside the tent. There is space for towels to be laid out and babies, toddlers and children can happily nap during the day without being disturbed.

Like the Lightspeed Quick Draw Sun Shelter, this cabana is light (6 pounds), can be easily packed into a bag with a strap and is extremely easy to set up due to its lightspeed integrated system. This item is considered to be slightly more spacious since it has large porch front area. The extra space it creates is perfect for laying on the beach without being bothered by the sun or sand. It also has three large roll up windows that not only provide fresh air ventilation, but give this item a cosy quality. It comes with three sand pockets which, when filled, will provide stability and prevent it from blowing away with the wind. When going to the beach it is extremely frustrating to get sand on your phone or inside your wallet. This is not an issue because the cabana has interior pockets so you can store whatever needs to be protected from the sun and sand.