Best Beach Tent for Babies


One of the main motives for many people when deciding to buy a beach canopy is to protect children from the harmful rays of the sun. We know that with children in tow, it can be difficult to get out to the shops, particularly those which stock beach tents, and so many parents are now choosing to buy their beach tent online. So here at the we want to try and make it a…

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The Problem With UV Protective Baby Swimsuits

Sun Protective Baby Suits Sun protective baby suits are great for times when the family is out in the sun and there is no available shade. The sun is harmful to babies’ skin, and sunburn can cause permanent damage to children less than 6 months of age. Sometimes it is more difficult to apply sunscreen to a baby. Babies want to put everything in their mouths, so you run the risk of them ingesting chemicals,…

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Baby UV Protective Swimsuits


Sun Protective Baby Suits Anytime a baby is in the sun, it is doing damage to their delicate skin. All babies under 6 months old should be kept out of the sun completely. The best way to be able to go outside and spend time outdoors in the heat of the summer is to protect your baby with a sun protective baby suit. This type of protection does not involve harmful chemicals like sunscreen does,…

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Review of the Sun UV Protective Rash Guard Swimsuit


This is one of the most popular UV protective swimsuits available of Amazon, with a best seller rank which is the highest we could find for this type of product. What was surprising was that there were no customer reviews at the time of writing this article. It’s recommended for children of 9 years and older and has a SPF rating of 50+ which is the highest rating available. We liked the fact that the…

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The Sun Protective Baby Suit – Is It Worthwhile Infant Swimwear?


Infant Swimwear The latest and smartest idea in protective clothing and to protect babies an toddlers from the sun when outside the beach tent is the sun protective baby suit. At first glance these look a great idea so we thought we take a much closer look and report what we find so you can make up your own mind about these baby swimsuits. Looking at the feedback on Amazon, many customers think pretty highly of these…

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