Seasonal Beach Equipment

There’s nothing better than a trip to the beach to relax in the warm sunshine, get a tan and take a dip in the sea. But of course, not all beach trips end up like this. We’ve all been to the beach and had to deal with an unexpected downpour, or excessive winds. And maybe if you live by the beach, you like to make the most of the outdoors even during the colder months? It’s good to be prepared for all weathers during your trip to the beach, so here are our best buys for seasonal beach equipment.

Warm Beach Equipment

It’s quite common to travel to the beach and realise there’s quite a cool sea breeze so it always helps to pack some warm beach equipment, particularly if travelling with children.

Themed beach equipment is always a good way of getting children to co-operate, so how about these cute Disney Hooded Beach Towels? Both made from 100% cotton and designed to fit children aged 3-7 years of age, these towels can be worn over bathing costumes to keep children warm or even protect their skin from the sun. The towels are machine washable and customers rated them both over 4 stars commending their durability and design.

It’s inevitable that the children will want to paddle in the sea during your trip to the beach, but during the cooler months the sea can be freezing cold. This little romper suit should help.

Available in several designs for both boys and girls this romper offers UV protection of 50+. It full leg design also protects against chlorine and salt water, offer some protection from the cool water. With its open neck and popper bottom, it’s parent and child friendly when it comes to nappy changing and dressing. So it’s no surprise parents rate this product 4.1 stars on Amazon, praising it’s looks, ease of use and warmth.

We also found these little swimming shoes to accompany the romper suit.

little swimming shoes

Available in six different colours and various sizes, these little shoes are water friendly and protect little feet from uneven surfaces and offer some protection from the sharp cold. They offer ease of use by allowing parents to slip the shoe on with no faffing around with laces or velcro.

Rated 4.3 stars on Amazon, customers are pleased with the value for money and fit of these shoes. Some customers recommend ordering in advance of your vacation to ensure you have time to purchase the right size, but on the whole parents are pleased that the shoes are true to size.

Lightweight Beach Equipment

If you’re travelling out of season, there’s a chance you’re carrying extra seasonal beach equipment so it’s ideal if it can be as lightweight as possible. So let’s have a look at whats available.

We think beach tents are a must-have piece of beach equipment for anybody all year round. But when the weather has the potential to be cool, wet and windy, they’re more ideal than ever. And this Lightspeed Outdoors Quick Cabana Beach Tent is about as lightweight as they come.

Weighing in at 6 pounds and yet big enough to fit 4 people inside comfortably, this tent is ideal for couples or small families. It’s integrated pole system makes it quick and easy to erect and tear down, whilst the sand bags keep it weighed down in the wind. It has 3 windows which offer light and ventilation for the warmer months, but these can also be covered to change the tent into a private changing room.

Rated 4.6 stars, customers felt this tent offered great value for money and was generally easy to set-up with several functions.

And of course you can’t head to the beach without chairs. We discovered the Rio Sports Ultra-light Aluminium Backpack Chair on Amazon. With customers suggesting it weighs no more than 5 pounds and with straps to allow it to be carried over the back, this chair is easily portable. It has a pillow, moulded arm rests and 4 recline positions for maximum comfort too.

Customers rate this chair 4.4 stars saying they loved the product, how comfortable it is and how easy it is to transport, with one customer stating that it was “all you need for a day at the beach.”

Strong Beach Equipment

If you’re travelling as a family, or as someone who prefers to bring your own equipment rather than pay to hire it, you will find it handy to invest in some strong beach equipment to carry everything you need. Rated 4.2 stars on Amazon, we think the Rio Beach Wonder Wheeler Wide Beach Cart with ultra wide wheels will do the trick.

This cart offers 15 cubic feet of storage up to 100lb in weight. It’s wide back wheels allow the cart to remain stable when packed, and makes it easier to pull across the sand. With a specialist umbrella holder and space for chairs, a tray, rack and removable tote bag there is space for just about everything on this cart.

Customers praised this cart for how easy it is to pull through the sand, and how much easier it makes carrying beach equipment, with customers saying, “Great in snow or sand,” and, “a must buy for parents.”

Hopefully our round-up of all season beach equipment will help should you decide to visit the beach during the cooler or wetter months. From themed beach equipment to ensure the kids will wrap up warm after a dip in the sea, to lightweight equipment to ensure you can pack as much as possible onto your cart. Now you’re ready to hit the beach come rain or shine.