Pup Up Beach Tent – A Review of the Leberna One Touch Easy Setup Camping Tent

One of the most popular forms of pop up beach tents around is the Leberna One Touch Easy Setup Camping Tent.

The reason these types of tent are so popular is fairly easy to see……they can be assembled and dis-assembled in a few seconds. This one is no exception and you can see it here:

Let’s take a look at it in more detail. It’s 3 sided with a very good UPF 50+ rating which claims to block 98% of ultraviolet light. The system for assembly and dis-assembly is pretty smart as you can see in the video and most users report that it is also pretty robust after a significant amount of use.

It’s also a pretty decent size, measuring 8 feet wide at the front, narrowing to 4.6 feet at the rear with a central height of 4.6 feet. It folds up to an impressive 44 x 6 x 6 inches.

It scored 3.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon which is pretty good for this type of tent and we did notice that the most dissatisfied customers were non verified which means they either did not purchase it from Amazon (in which case why place a review there) or they did not purchase it at all. When we subtracted the scores from non verified customers its average score shot up to over 4.3.

Most people were impressed with its light weight and how quick it is to assemble, although it’s worth noting that some shorter users (5 feet 2 or less) had problems reaching the rope and pulley assembly mechanism and therefore needed help.

All in all we think this is a good value for money. Plus points are ease of assembly and high UPF rating and the low points were that some users reported it was flimsy. To be honest it had mixed reviews on this point from extreme ends of the rating scale but we reckon its good quality for a pop up beach tent in this price range.