Review of the Lightspeed Quick Cabana Beach Tent

Lightspeed Outdoors Quick Cabana Beach Tent Sun Shelter, Blue

The Lightspeed Quick Cabana Beach Tent is very compact and equipped with a unique system, which allows it to be set up within seconds. It has 3 walls and an extended canopy, which provides a further shaded area. It can seat 4 people with ease with additional room for all that beach equipment.

Features of the Lightspeed Quick Cabana Beach Tent
The Lightspeed Quick Cabana has an integrated pole system, which basically means that the poles are actually built into the tent itself. Since this aspect is one of the more difficult tasks that users complain about, this makes the tent easier to erect.

It also has sand pockets. These provide extra stability in strong winds and also three windows, which can be rolled up. The fabric is strong polyester, which is coated to provide sun protection equivalent to UPF 50+

This beach tent is very lightweight on test and around 6lb in weight so anyone can carry it with ease. It comes complete with everything you need including plastic stakes to provide further stability in windy conditions.

Good points

  • Easy to erect and also take down, even in windy conditions
  • Three roll up windows which provide good visibility all round
  • Large tent, big enough for two adults and two children with accompanying beach equipment
  • Good quality materials with a choice of colors
  • Good instructional video on

Bad points

  • The fold out front porch area and the interior floor can get hot to the touch when exposed to direct sunlight
  • Some users complained that the poles were quite weak and easy to break
  • Can be more difficult to get into the carrier bag unless folded correctly
  • Requires a certain degree of strength to erect, but most adults seemed to manage ok.
Lightspeed Outdoors Quick Cabana Beach Tent Sun Shelter, Blue

What do other people say?
There are currently over 170 reviews and most users were generally impressed with the size of this beach tent and the ease with which it can be erected. The average score was around 4.5, which made it one of the best beach tents on test. The price was also mentioned frequently as a major positive and almost all reviewers felt it offered excellent value for money.

One interesting review came from someone who lives in Panama City Beach in Florida. They described a type of yellow fly, which bites and after some detailed research they concluded that this beach tent was just the right color to attract this type of fly. Let us know if you also find this to be a problem!