Visiting California? Stop by King Harbor and Redondo Beach Pier

Redondo Beach Pier

If you are looking for a place of serenity where you hear the waves ride up and down the shore, then roll right past the Redondo Beach pier during your visit to California. If, however, you are searching for a fun spot that you and the kids can enjoy for hours, then King Harbor may be your one-stop destination. From the abundance of nearby hotels to the many restaurants located on the pier, the tourist attraction is certainly one that the family will enjoy.


While driving is the number one activity in Los Angeles, some visitors have no desire to spend several minutes, or even hours, in traffic attempting to get from one destination to the next. They would much rather spend time walking around and viewing the sites instead of whisking by the scenery in their automobiles. It is for such people that Crowne Plaza, Sunrise Hotel, and the Portofino were built.

All three of these hotels are just minutes away from the pier. In fact, it would almost take more time to load the family in the car and drive to the beach from these locations, since they are within walking distance.

Crown Plaza Redondo Beach

Crowne Plaza Redondo Beach is very accommodating, with nearly 350 guest rooms to choose from. All of the living quarters come with standard luxuries that Californians cannot live without (i.e., Wi-Fi, cable television, and exceptional room service), and a view that is simply breath-taking. Have you ever had the pleasure of waking up to a beautiful sunrise that makes the ocean sparkle in all of its splendor? Such scenery is what you get at Crowne.

Another nearby hotel that allows you to view the beach at dawn is the Portofino. This lodge has just over 150 rooms, and is more like a home away from home than a hotel. In fact, the Portofino has apartment homes that are also near the beach.
Sunrise Hotel is just minutes away from the harbor as well, and has a more intimate feel with just over 100 rooms to choose from. This getaway spot is great for parents traveling with kids as the smaller edifice helps to ensure that no child is left behind when the vacation is over.

Things to Do

One of the key features of the Redondo Beach Pier is the amount of space it offers visitors. With more that 150 acres of land, you have the option of either staying in the park area above the pier or coming down to the strip where beach lovers dwell.

If you decide to stay in the park area, do the fun thing and have a picnic. The kids will thoroughly enjoy the play area that has a section especially for toddlers, and you will like the convenience of having them in view while cooking.

After spending a few hours in the park, you and the family can migrate down to the strip. It is there that all of those beach supplies will come in handy. Imagine coming to a world-famous beach without a tent for the kids to play in, or a blanket to rest upon. What if you didn’t have other necessities that are important for a good trip? This is why you should have a checklist of goods with you when visiting King Harbor.

Regardless of whether or not you come with the small accessories, you and the family cannot leave the pier without playing a game of volleyball. Whether you form teams within your family or play with fellow visitors, your game is sure to be loads of fun. Although some compete with all tenacity, the atmosphere of the court areas are passive. Anyone can come and begin a game of volleyball at anytime without prior notice of reservation. You may also experience a bit of interruption as water lovers race through your competition to get to the ocean.

king harbor boat

Speaking of ocean, you absolutely cannot leave King Harbor before getting wet. Even if no more than a little feet splashing ensues, you must allow your body to make contact with the water.

“But I’m not a swimmer or someone who loves to shuffle my feet around in the ocean,” you say. Well, that’s okay. Luckily for you, and the kids, there are several ways to enjoy the water at the Redondo Beach Pier. In addition to the traditional midday or evening swim, you can also take a boat ride around the coast in a vessel that allows you to see fish swimming underneath the craft. You can enjoy a bit of rowing that is safe for the whole family as well. Don’t worry, small children are automatically given life vests.

So what do you do after all of that rowing and playing? Eat again, of course.

The Food

When compared with other local beaches and piers in the South Bay area, King Harbor has to be the most diverse when it comes to food. From the El Torito that sits above the ground deck to the seafood café at sea level, the Redondo Beach Pier has something for everyone.

Even if you take advantage of the barbeque pits in the park prior to visiting the beach, you can still enjoy the many desserts offered by vendors. In particular, there is a churro spot right next to one of several frozen yogurt parlors that bakes its pastry delights to perfection. This business has become so well known in the community that it only needs to sell churros to survive. Talk about expertise!

redondo beach pier churros

There is also a Chinese restaurant available for those who do not enjoy a picnic before walking on the pier. The spot is especially beneficial to families on a budget, since four adults can eat at a reasonable rate and have enough food to take home. Of course, there are a number of high-end restaurants available for dining if you are the splurging type. Fishing for your own food, literally, is also an option if you are looking to share memorable stories with family and friends back home.

Regardless of what is chosen, you and the kids are certain to have a blast at King Harbor/Redondo Beach Pier.