Just How Good Is The Genji Sport Instant Beach Star?

Value For Money

The Genji Sports Instant Beach Star Tent is an easy to use must-have for anyone planning a trip to the beach. It boasts a UV protection factor of above 50 on all three sides, and with it’s one piece design, it can be assembled in as little as 2 seconds. The tent also includes a waterproof floor as part of it’s light weight fibre glass frame making it suitable for many outdoor activities. This Genji Sports Instant Beach Star Tent, has a rating of 4.7 stars out of 5 on Amazon, with 97 people out of 112 giving it 5 stars, and at only $80 it’s great value for money, so it’s well worth a look at.

The tent dimensions are 213cm x 122cm x 136cm, making it a good size for a small family or a small number of adults, or anyone looking to store belongings or pets away from the sunlight whilst spending time at the beach. The outer material meets the CPAI-84 fire retardant standard. Instructions are included as standard, although reviews suggest that reading the instructions takes longer than actually putting the tent together.

Beach Tent Size

When folded, the tent is compact and light, measuring around 3ft long. Although it will struggle to fit into an average suitcase, it is small enough to be checked in separately on an aeroplane, and with it’s handy carry bag with shoulder strap and tiny 4.5lb weight, it is practical enough to be taken on your annual holidays, as well as fitting into even the smallest car trunk for an impromptu local beach day.

On arriving at the beach, the Genji Sports Instant Beach Star Tent can be set up within seconds by just one person, with no assembly required, making it convenient for parents with young children running around. Amazon reviews describe the set up as uncomplicated as, “just like opening and closing an umbrella.” Additionally, it can be taken down and packed away in under 30 seconds making a change from the usual routine of trying to stuff several poles and material into a tiny carrier.

The tent is secured in place by either being traditionally pitched into the ground using the four sand stakes, or alternatively, by filling the three attached bags with sand to weigh down the tent. In exceptionally strong winds, both methods can be used together. Reviews praise the tent on it’s sturdiness, and few people have complaints about it’s reliability in even the highest winds, with one reviewer claiming to have pitched it during the tail end of a hurricane with no issues!

One regular beach go-er suggested that this Genji Sports Instant Beach Star Tent is the first they had brought that had not needed replacing regularly since the structure had lasted well against the elements.

When set up the tent can easily fit in a couple of low beach chairs and a cool box for the picnic. Some reviews suggested that the tent is quite low, and regular height chairs, or exceptionally tall people would struggle to fit comfortably.

It is, however, big enough for smaller children to take their much needed afternoon nap, or take a recommended break from the strong midday sun. Shade from the sun for young children is highly recommended by most health organisations to avoid sunburn and heat stroke. One 6ft 2in user explained that he was able to nap comfortably alongside his young son whilst lying down, whilst another user agreed that they were able to fit 3 adults comfortably inside.

Tent Ventilation

The tent has lower mesh panels to enable good air ventilation throughout, even on really warm beach trips. There is some suggestion that the Genji sports company could do well to manufacture an optional front door panel to provide a more sufficient protection from strong winds, rain and direct sunlight without having to either move the tent around or use a parasol at set times as the sun moves. This would also allow for changing or napping to be done with more privacy. However, few people have reported this to be a big problem.

Since the tent comes with the option of being pegged into the ground, it can be used in other locations than the beach. Some alternative uses suggested include shade for the children or food whilst at the park, shade for pets and their food whilst at a dog show, with the user confirming they were able to fit a large dog crate inside. Someone explained that they used it regularly in their garden during the summer to enable young children to have regular breaks from the sun, without having to bring them indoors.

One reviewer suggested that since the window flap is on the inside, rain was able to leak through the window, meaning it only partially protected from the rain. Although on the whole, reviews were positive with regards to rain and wind protection. In fact, only 2 people out of 112 gave the tent anything less than 3 star.

The Genji Sports Company consistently receives high ratings for it’s products over on Amazon. The Genji Sports Instant Camping Tent, the camping equivalent to this beach shelter, receives 92% ratings of 4 stars or above. The Genji sports instant camping tent boasts equally rapid pop up times for it’s light fibreglass frame. All Genji sports products are currently at a reduced price, making them super value for money.

Our Overall View

Given that almost all of the reviews for this tent are 5 star, it is clear that it works exceptionally well. One reviewer described it as the “best investment you’ll make,” whilst another stated it was the best purchase they’d ever made on Amazon. Somebody else noted they had had several other beach go-ers asking where they could purchase it as they were equally impressed. This tent is asking to become your new beach must have, whether you’re travelling to an exotic sandy beach on the other side of the world, or driving down the road to your local beach. The Genji sports instant beach tent is highly recommended.