How to Secure Your Beach Tent When Stakes Are Not an Option

One of the most common questions people ask is about securing their beach tent securely in high winds when normal stakes just won’t do the job. We have reported, in an earlier post, about a great new design of stake, called “The Toughstake”, which you can read about here but we thought we’d take a look at another option which is the simple weight. There are a number of weight type products available which have been specifically designed for weighting down beach tents and clearly some are better than others. Some of them appear to look like free weights that are used by people weight training and the  obvious problem with these is that they are simply an additional weight to carry down to the beach. Far better are the material bags which are designed to be filled with sand.

We looked at a number of these across at Amazon, and at a number of other suppliers and one which particularly impressed us was the E-Z Up Instant Shelters Deluxe Weight Bags which come in a set of four. These had all the features which we needed such as a decent hole in the top to enable easy filling and a material which is easily cleaned of sand. Each bag holds around 40 pounds of sand and one reviewer said that “In the outer winds of what was still Tropical Storm Isaac, my tent stayed in place when we had a sudden series of gusts that measured 40 mph”. This is the type of strong retention that you need when the wind picks up and of course the bags are easily emptied when the day is done. They also come with clips to attach them to the tent stake holes in the legs of your beach tent. If you don’t have holes in the legs of your tent then they also have velcro straps that are adjustable to fit most beach tent legs.

These weights have already received over 160 reviews with 117 of them rating it the maximum 5 stars and another 30 rating it as 4 stars.