Buying a Beach Tent for Baby


When you take your family to the beach, one of the first things you are concerned about is the sun exposure and keeping your baby from getting sunburn. Sunscreen is a must for everyone when visiting the beach. It protects baby from the sun damaging her fragile skin. Sunburn on baby will show up around 3 hours after sun exposure, and will start to cause pain around 10 hours later. Sunburns on babies can lead…

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Tips For Buying A Beach Tent

best canopy tent for beach

Buying a Beach Tent – Top Tips Exposure to the sun is extremely damaging for adult skin, and even worse for kids and babies. Any bad sunburn can lead to melanoma as an adult. Sunburn can show up as pink or redness in the skin within 2 to 4 hours, and pain can set in between 12-14 hours. If a baby under the age of one year gets a sunburn, it can be very serious….

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How to Buy a Beach Tent

Summer quickly approaching means one thing and one thing only. Party time at the beach! Relaxing at the beach is a summer time tradition that millions of people enjoy every summer. I personally love going to the beach. There is simply nothing like it. When you are at the beach you can do just about anything. You can jog, swim, fish, people-watch, take a nap or even have a family picnic. The choice is yours…

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