Visiting California? Stop by King Harbor and Redondo Beach Pier

Redondo Beach Pier

If you are looking for a place of serenity where you hear the waves ride up and down the shore, then roll right past the Redondo Beach pier during your visit to California. If, however, you are searching for a fun spot that you and the kids can enjoy for hours, then King Harbor may be your one-stop destination. From the abundance of nearby hotels to the many restaurants located on the pier, the tourist…

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Beach Tents and Florida Beaches


Following our successful post on New York beaches we thought we might do some more research on other popular beaches starting with Florida beaches. Check out the following information: 1. Miami Beach Location: Miami Beach, FL Allows Beach Tents: No Miami Beach Official Site 2. Cocoa Beach (Sky Lake) Location: Cocoa Beach, FL Allows Beach Tents: Yes, not stated in rules specifically. City of Cocoa Beach – Beach Rules 3. Daytona Beach (Orlando) Location: Daytona…

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Our Pick of New York Beaches

The New York area is an exceptionally popular area for tourists, and there are a huge number of beaches located in the area. Most of the beaches in the area are open between nine in the morning to five at night. During this time there are lifeguards on duty, and swimming is not allowed when they are not present. The beaches in the area are all well stocked, and will usually be accompanied by a…

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Beach Tents and New York Beaches

beach tent

New York Beaches and Beach Tents Some of the most popular beaches in the country are in the New York area, so we thought we’d take a more detailed look at some of the best ones and check out their facilities and more importantly see if they allow the use of beach tents. Check out the following information: 1. Jacob Riis Park Beach Location: 157 Rockaway Beach Blvd, New York, NY 11694 Allows Beach Tents: Yes,…

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Beach Tent Safety Rules Around the World

North Myrtle Beach Beach tent safety rules at North Myrtle Beach have now been in place for a couple of years and appear to be working well. The rules were introduced to make sure that lifeguards can access emergency situations quickly despite the multitude of beach tents installed, sometimes from very early in the morning. The Beach tent has become a popular addition to a beach goers equipment since it provides a welcome shelter from both…

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