How To Fold a Beach Tent in 2 Seconds Flat!


We get lots of comments about manufacturers claiming that a pop up beach tent can be assembled quickly (less than 3 seconds) but more importantly that it can also be folded away in a similar time. No one would really argue about the assembly time but 2 seconds to fold it back up? We decided to test the claim and set out to examine the evidence. The answer surprised us……yes it can be done. Here’s…

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How Best to Secure a Beach Tent


One of the more difficult practical aspects of using a beach tent is how best to secure it into the beach in case of the stronger winds that can sometimes be experienced. Basically there are two main choices: Some beach tents have small bags built into the base of the tent itself. These are filled with sand and this acts as ballast which holds the tent in position. The other method is to use stakes…

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