Features of a Good Beach Tent

When you think in retrospect then there would be some memories that definitely bring a smile to your face and linger for the whole day. Yes, those are memories of past in which you would have gone out for an outing with your family and/or friends at some popular or may be even not so popular beach. Do you even remember the training you got for setting up a proper tent and the hassles you went through, learning each and every step carefully! The modern beach tent saves you the trouble because modern systems for both erecting and taking down the tent have been designed into the tent itself.

Lets take a look some of the uses and features of the modern beach tent.

  1. Carry as a Backpack

    Yes you have read it correct. Recently developed beach tents can be folded in such a way that they can be easily carried in the form of backpack, and to assemble the tent you just need to unfold the backpack correctly. You will be able to set the tent within minutes, by just erecting the four corners under some kind of weight. Even small children can fix the tent without any hassles.

  2. Good aesthetics and tough exteriors

    Firstly, the side poles come attached within the tent itself rather than being separate. Secondly, the tents are made up of nylon and taffeta fabric. The fabric is moisture wick, which is impervious to both water and the effects of the suns rays. A few tents also come with bottom covers, which ensure that you do not have to carry an extra mattress or sheet to put in the base of the tent. The majority of beach tents usually cover an area of around one double bed, which is sufficient for two grown-ups; a few of them are large enough to accommodate two adults and two children.

  3. Privacy

    There are times when you need privacy for changing wet clothes, when you are just out of beach water, or you need to breast feed your little one. Look out for a tent that can be zipped up from both sides, and also has shades/window blinds that can be rolled down. Some tents have fixed window areas, which cannot be rolled down for privacy.

  4. Central height

    All the beach tents come in such a shape that they form a conical shape, with almost flat top end. This will ensure that you are not required to bend each and every time you move out or come inside the tent. Some tents are quite restrictive in height so try it out by standing in the tent before purchase.

  5. Other facilities

    Some tents come with inbuilt side pockets, which help you in storing your valuables till you are inside the tent. Another feature is weight pockets, which can be filled with sand to weigh the tent down and make it more stable in windy conditions. These pockets usually have some form of quick release for the sand but again check before purchase.