Best Canopy Tent for Beach?

Our thoughts will soon be turning to warmer weather and long days in the sun. As a result we thought we’d take a detailed look at our nominations for the “Best Canopy Tent for Beach” award. So, here they are, in no particular order:

Nomination 1: Best Canopy Tent for Beach

The Pacific Breeze EasyUp Beach Tent

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What we like about this beach canopy tent is not only the quality of the product but also the impressive customer service you get from the supplier.

Taking a look at the customer feedback, it’s higher than any other beach tent we’ve seen, scoring a very impressive 4.9 out of 5 from 685 customer reviews on The comments really do emphasise the quality of this product.

One recent user talked about the ease with which the tent is assembled and the fact that when taking down the tent someone ripped a small hole in the tent. A routine follow up email from Pacific Breeze after they bought the tent asked them if they were satisfied with the purchase and in reply the user said how good it was but that they had accidentally damaged the tent. A few days later they were contacted by Pacific Breeze offering to replace the tent! Now THAT’S what we call customer service.

The company has a good video which shows you the product:

Setting it up begins at 51 seconds into the video and, despite them doing it quite slowly since it’s an instructional video, the whole thing is done at 1 minute 10 seconds. At normal speed we reckon this would take around 10 – 12 seconds.

Taking it down begins at 1 minute 52 seconds and is done at 2 minutes 15 seconds, all remaining to do is pack it into the bag, which appears very easy to do.

We also liked the internal pockets to keep valuable belongings out of the sand and the fact that the whole thing when packed is just 4.5lb, so it’s easy to carry no matter how large the beach and distance to your chosen spot.

The canopy tent comes with 4 stakes and has 5 sand pockets to keep it in position in windy conditions.

All Pacific Breeze products are designed at their headquarters in New Jersey and come complete with a one year limited warranty. Manufacturing actually takes place overseas so they clearly have control of quality despite this fact.

Nomination 2: Best Canopy Tent for Beach

The Lightspeed Outdoors Quick Beach Canopy Tent

Our second nomination is the trusty Lightspeed beach canopy tent. We’ve reviewed this product before but it’s so good that we couldn’t exclude it from our nominations for the best canopy tent for beach.

It scores 4.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon from a total of 268 reviews. Users particularly liked the amount of space afforded by the tent with plenty of room for up to 4 chairs and other beach equipment. There were several comments about the internal pockets which seemed to have been designed such that they cannot be seen other people from out side the tent…….that’s a nice security feature.

It comes with 4 stakes and seems very stable, especially if tied down as well. Putting up the tent is easy, although we felt not as quick as our first nomination. Here’s the company video: