Best Beach Tent for Babies

One of the main motives for many people when deciding to buy a beach canopy is to protect children from the harmful rays of the sun. We know that with children in tow, it can be difficult to get out to the shops, particularly those which stock beach tents, and so many parents are now choosing to buy their beach tent online. So here at the we want to try and make it a little easier for parents to choose a beach tent for babies and children online. We’ve scoured for the best beach tent bargains we can find in several categories for both female and male beach tent buyers.

Small beach tent for small families

We’ve selected the GigaTent Sand Castle Beach Cabana Tent as our best small beach tent. Currently available at around $25 it is a really great price for beginners. This tent comes with lots of the same features that the high end tents come with, such as mesh windows for circulation and the option to zip up the front to create privacy for changing. The door also extends out to provide extra floor space when unzipped. There are two options for pitching; filling sand bags to weigh it down or traditional pegs and it can be assembled and packed away in under 10 minutes.

At only 42 inches high, this tent is ideal for babies who require constant protection from the sun or small children to be able to sit and play for longer periods. You’d probably struggle to fit many children or adults inside, so we recommend this is for small child use only.

Reviews for this tent generally agree that it is easy to set up and works well as a small sun shelter. Rated 4.1 stars out of five with 79% of customers rating it 4 star or above we think this is great little beach tent offering excellent value for money.

Large beach tent for bigger families

Our selection for the best large beach tent is the Texsport Beach Sport Shelter Canopy. This tent is 9ft long by 6ft wide and 68 inches high and so is a great size for larger families or alternatively for adult use. It is silver coated for added UV protection at SPF 50+. With it’s large open front the children can still be involved in the group activities without being separated, and parents can see their children at all times. It has 3 mesh windows for ventilation making it suitable for longer periods. This beach tent comes with a carry bag, and at a lightweight 5lb, it is very portable. With the option of either weighing it down with sand bags or using stakes (or both), again this tent offers good stability against the wind.

This tent is ideal for families with adults who would also like to use the sun shelter, or those with a higher number of children.

Reviews for this beach tent praise it’s size with suggestions that several children can benefit from the shade along with their belongings at any one time. Rated 3.9 stars out of 5, we think this spacious beach tent is a great buy for bigger families.

Best value for money

We think the Coleman Compact Shade Shelter is the best value for money family beach tent. Available to buy for around $40 it comes in a variety of colours, all offering an SPF of 50+. At a sizeable 7.5×4.5 feet and 57 inches high, it is a fair size for a family and their belongings for a day at the beach. The tent has two zippered doors to provide privacy for beach changing, pockets to keep expensive belongings hidden and sand free, and extra floor space when the door is unzipped. It comes in a handy carry bag making it easy to transport.

Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars and with 84% of 886 reviews awarding 4 stars or higher, this tent comes highly recommended by previous users. It takes around 10 minutes for one to two people to assemble, and most reviews suggest it is fairly straight forward. It is praised on it’s ability to remain stable in moderate winds. We think that this tent ticks all the right boxes for families at the beach, and is one of our favourite beach tent bargains.

Best alternative to a beach tent

There are several options when sourcing a beach canopy for shade at the beach, and beach tents may not suit everyone. We searched for a shelter that was good value for money but big on space, and high on sun protection and we decided that the Lightspeed Outdoors Quick Cabana Beach Tent Sun Shelter ticks all of these boxes.

At 56 inches high and 95 inches long, this beach shelter is big enough for large families with several children or adults. Unlike a beach tent, this shelter is open on 3 sides making it spacious and well ventilated. Unlike a gazebo it has a back wall offering SPF 50+ shelter from the sun and wind. This canopy pops up and collapses down in seconds making it perfect for families with young children running around. When purchased it also comes with a carry bag with a shoulder strap, and at 7 pounds in weight, it is extremely portable.

This canopy has received 127 reviews on and has an overall rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars. 70% of these are 5 star ratings, with customers pleased with its ease of assembly, stability in moderate winds and generous size. Despite a few suggestions that the open sides do not provide enough shade, the overwhelming majority thought this beach canopy stood up to the test. And that’s why it’s our best alternative to a beach tent.

So there we have it, a short review of some of the best beach shelters. Hopefully this will make it easier when coming to purchase your beach tent online. Whether you are a female or male beach tent fan with either a large or small family we hope this review helps you find a beach shelter within your budget.