Beach Sports Equipment

A trip to the beach is great for those people who enjoy nothing more than relaxing in the sunshine with a drink and a book, but for those who enjoy getting active it’s fantastic. There are so many sports that take off at the beach, there’s something for everybody. Whether you enjoy staying on dry land or venturing to the bottom of the ocean, here’s our pick of the best beach sports gear on the Amazon market.

Beach Sports

There are lots of options when it comes to sports that can be played on dry land, and some beaches offer plenty of equipment without you having to take your own. But some beaches don’t, and of those that do, quite often it’s hard to get a turn. So why not be sure that you and your family can have a game whenever you like by taking your own equipment such as this Park & Sun Spectrum Classic Volleyball Net?

Perfect for the park or in the sun, this volleyball equipment is assembled using telescoping push button aluminium poles and a slip on net for ease and offers three height measurements so that the kids can get involved too. The 32 foot professional sleeve net comes with a pre-measured boundary, corner anchors and a handy equipment bag to keep your kit together.

Of 160 customer reviews on Amazon, this volleyball net rates at 4.7 stars out of 5, with a whopping 83% of customers giving it the full 5 stars. Customers loved the option of height adjustment, how quick it is to assemble and the quality of the net.

But if you’re not really a volleyball fan, then how about soccer?

This Portable Training Goal Boxed Set comes with two 4ft goals each complete with anchors and a carrying bag. This matching beach equipment pops up for easily assembly and take-down, ideal when you have young children.

Rated 4.4 stars on Amazon, customers loved their ease of use and portability with many using them at home and away.

And a beach sports kit wouldn’t be complete without a suitable shade for spectators. For sports fans, it has to be the Sport-Brella Umbrella.

This colourful beach umbrella offers instant protection from the sun and rain no matter where you go. With a metallic undercoat, this umbrella offers an outstanding SPF rating of 125+ with the side flaps offering side protection too. Easy to set up, this beach shade comes with stakes and sand pockets to keep it weighed down in most weather conditions. Available in 3 colours, including bright orange, this must be the most colourful beach umbrella available.

Of 1267 ratings on Amazon, 83% rank this as a 4 star or higher, with comments such as, “baseball mom lifesaver,” and, “great for infants.”

If you’re purchasing for infants, we love the Melissa and Doug Happy Giddy Chair as the perfect accessory.

Melissa and Doug offer a range of matching beach equipment suitable for children, and this child’s beach chair is sure to be a hit with them.  Easy to open and close, kids will love that they can be more independent. And the handy cup holder will encourage them to keep their fluids topped up in the midday sun.

Rated 4.5 stars on Amazon by 112 customers, these little chairs will accompany your sport-brella perfectly for a day of beach sports.

Water Sports

There are plenty of water sports available at most beach hot spots, so here we’ve tried to find seasonal beach equipment that is suitable to most.

The sea can be quite cool even in summer months, so if you’re planning on spending much time in it, it pays to invest in a wetsuit. We think O’Neill wetsuits are a great investment for regular beach go-ers.

The O’Neills Reactor suits utilize the company’s proprietary FluidFlex design in the shoulder and sleeves for improved range of motion.  It has an adjustable super seal neck for comfort and krypton knee pads to protect your knees. This is a full suit offering full body protection.

This suit has 286 reviews on Amazon and has an overall rating  of 4.6 stars out of 5. Customers rated this for it’s great fit and comfort and it’s value for money.

O’Neill also have the same suit available for women which is rated 4.5 stars out of 5 and also praised for it’s fit and size.

For those of you who enjoy something a little more adventurous, how about some snorkelling equipment? This little package includes a mask, snorkel, fin and carrying bag. The two-window mask, complete with hypoallergenic silicone face skirt offers top to bottom viewing and pro-glide buckles for a comfortable fit. The snorkel is 100% submersible and the whole kit comes with a two year manufacturers warranty for your peace of mind.

576 customers have rated this product on Amazon, with an overall product rating of 3.8 stars out of five. Customers said the mask was comfortable and easy to adjust and called the snorkel, “awesome.” A few customers were not pleased with the durability of the fin, but on the whole, the set does the job.

So there we have our pick of the best sports beach equipment available on We’ve made picks that are suitable for the whole family, from children to adults; those who love the beach to those who prefer to see the sea. We love giving you value for money, so it’s all seasonal beach equipment and will be useful come rain or shine, on the park or at the beach. Taking the family to the beach doesn’t have to involve lying around all day, it can be a great opportunity to get the whole family being active.