Beach Safety Equipment

A trip to the beach is great fun for all the family, and offers up many opportunities for kids to learn and embrace the outdoors. From snorkelling to sand castle building; ice-cream to a beer, there’s something for everyone to enjoy on a trip to the beach. But there are also dangers to be aware of, and it pays to plan in advance so that you can have piece of mind that everyones safe whilst you enjoy your vacation. Here’s our run down of essential beach safety equipment for all of the family.

Beach Swimming Equipment

It’s fair to say the water poses the biggest risk at the beach. Naturally, we’re all drawn to it, either to dip our toes in or go scuba diving. But it’s important to make sure that everyone’s safe, especially children who cannot yet swim. Here’s our selection of must-have swimming equipment to keep your children safe.

The Swim School Baby Float is ideal for babies aged 6-18 months. You simply sit baby inside and they can float along in this little ring. It’s important that you hold on to the float at all times to avoid baby drifting off into the sea! It does mean that you can have a hand free to aid other children or play and splash with your baby though.

Customers rated this float 4.6 stars out of five on Amazon, with somebody suggesting that the seat on this float is much thicker and sturdier than most on the market. Others were pleased that the design was eye catching for their child. When in the box this float weighs 13 ounces, making it a must-have piece of lightweight beach equipment if you have a young baby.

If you have a child a little older, how about this armband come life jacket combo? Suitable for children 30-50lb this swimming aid offers full body buoyancy, but unlike a regular life jacket, it doesn’t float up underneath your childs chin as soon as it hits the water. The arm pieces are designed to allow full mobility of the arms with no restrictions or scratchiness that armbands often do. What’s more the fun designs means that children will have no objections to wearing it.

This deluxe life jacket has 829 reviews on Amazon, with 89% of those rating it 5 star, giving it an overall rating of 4.8 stars. One customer who regularly scuba dives and swims claims it is the best swim aid floatation she has used for her child, with another customer stating it, “makes the water more fun for us both.”

But what if your child is close to swimming, but just requires an aid for their (or your) confidence or if you have an older child with learning difficulties? Then the Aqua Jogger Junior is the float to suit your needs.

This belt comes with a 32″ adjustable waistband and will support up to 95lb in weight whilst allowing free movement of the whole body.

Customers rated this aid 4.7 out of 5 on Amazon with many parents of children with learning difficulties praising it for allowing independence whilst ensuring peace of mind. Furthermore, a comment from a swim school instructor suggests that this float is perfect for teaching children to swim according to the red cross swim method, with full body immersion.

Beach Safety

Another big risk that we are exposed to at the beach is sun damage. We all know that unprotected exposure to the sun can lead to sunburn and also skin cancer. Children’s skin is more delicate than adult skin and so it’s imperative the family has adequate protection. That’s why we’re such big advocates of the beach tent. Available in all shapes and sizes, there’s a sun shade to suit all needs. When considering the whole family, we think the Lightspeed Outdoors Quick Beach Canopy Tent is ideal.

At 95 inches long and 59 inches high and with an SPF of 50+, this shade is big enough for everybody to get some shade from the harmful midday sun. This lightweight beach equipment weighs less than 7lb despite it’s handy integrated pole design which allows for quick and easy set-up and tear down. It’s portability means it’s not only ideal as temporary beach equipment, but also perfect for the park or a festival.

Rated 4.4 stars on Amazon, customers described this tent as an, “awesome shade for the beach,” and praised how easily it can be set-up and it’s size.

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Another safety issue that can occur on the beach is the mis-use of beach equipment. It’s important to ensure you read instructions and limitations.¬†There’s no use in buying a luxury beach chair if it cannot withstand your weight is there? There are luxury beach chairs on the market that will take a heavier weight and accommodate a taller person if needs be, such as this Heavy Duty Beach Chair.

This chair can hold up to 500lb in weight with it’s anodized aluminium frame, 600 denier polyester and oversized seat and offers a high back rest for the taller person. Yet it still delivers on functionality with 4 recline positions, drinks holder and zippered storage for valuables.

Customers rate this luxury beach chair 4.5 stars on Amazon with one person calling it the “sturdiest beach chair ever.” The only criticism is it’s portability, since it’s rather heavy and may struggle to fit inside some car trunks. Check before you buy!

There we have our quick round-up of the best products available to ensure you have a safe trip to the beach. From beach swimming equipment to temporary beach equipment that ensure value for money. Here at the we know that safety and value for money are always important to families at the beach because It’s impossible to have a relaxing day at the beach when you’re worrying about the safety of your family.

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