Beach Lounger Pack Chair with Speakers and Digital Amplifier

We normally review reasonably priced beach equipment here at but today we thought we might make an exception who want the very best for the beach! It’s also something slightly different. The Beach Lounger Pack Chair with Speakers and Digital Amplifier is made for those people that like the ultimate luxury on the beach.

This is a beach lounger with built in speakers and digital amplifier, which sounds pretty simple until you realize that they have also packed in two attached coolers, an umbrella, tote bag, pillow and storage all  into the one product. The speakers themselves are waterproof and the amplifier plugs into the majority of cell phones and other music devices with a nice long 48 inch long cord. There is also a 3ft long USB attachment so you can also attach it to your computer. This is ideal if you are one of those lucky people who can work on their laptop from the beach! Be aware though that the amplifier needs two AAA batteries which are not supplied – a bit mean given the price of this item.

The frame itself is aluminium so it won’t rust even in the corrosive atmosphere of the beach. The umbrella is a little low on sun protection with a UPF of 35 but the lounger is great since it can be adjusted from seated to lying flat and will take a 245 lb weight, so its sturdy enough for the larger person. Be aware that the chair is 22ib in weight but we think that you don’t really need to carry anything else.