Review of ABO Gear Bambino Cabana Tent

ABO Gear Bambino Cabana Tent

This kids beach tent provides UV protection and is fitted with shutters and air vents to keep them cool.

It has no floor so allowing them to play in the sand while still maintaining protection from the suns rays.

Sand pockets are provided for stability.

This is one of the best selling kids beach tents made by ABO (Australian Beach Outdoor). Although the company is better known for its pet related products, they also provide very strong and rugged products for kids. This one is no exception. It measures 48 x 33.6 x 48 inches and weighs just 3 pounds, allowing even small children to carry it with ease when folded.

Good Points

  • Easy to erect and also put away even in windy conditions.
  • excellent heat distribution due to having no door and shutters/vents
  • Very light – just 3 pounds
  • mesh panels allows good heat distribution so that the cabana does not become too hot
  • No floor, allowing children to play in the sand
  • Has “sewn in” instructions so that its impossible to lose them! (what a great idea)

Bad Points

  • Has a tie for holding the tent when putting it away. Since this was loose, it could become a choking or strangulation hazard for small children or babies. it would be better sewn to the tent itself.

What Other People Said
Users were very impressed with how easy this beach tent could be erected and put away. One described it as “freakishly easy” with two or three very easy actions. We found the 30 second video shown below on and this is a good demonstration of just how easy it actually is, although the model shown has a floor fitted.

There are only six reviews currently on Amazon but the product managed an excellent average score of 4.7 out of 5. The tent is large enough to accommodate two small children with room to play without being so large that it becomes a kite in windy conditions. Overall we reckon this is one of the best (if not THE best) beach tent for babies or children.