At the Beach with the Kids

Taking the kids to the beach is a great way to pass the time. It gives them the space to burn off all that kiddie energy, it’s an awesome opportunity to go fishing or crabbing and it’s generally inexpensive. Of course there are some risks that need to be observed, such as sunburn and sea safety but you can read up on how to minimise the risks of those in our previous articles here and here.

In this article we’re going to look at other beach equipment that might help make a trip to the beach with children that little bit easier. From a child’s beach bag to children’s beach wear we’re going to help you expand your family beach set, ensuring you get great value for money on reliable products.

Any parent knows that children are much more willing to co-operate when they’re able to help out, so popping all of their beach belongings into a child’s beach bag can be a great idea that encourages them to feel involved, and also takes the weight off your hands. The Melissa and Doug brand are fantastic for great value beach equipment for children, and this little octopus tote bag couldn’t be cuter.

This bag features large inner and outer pockets for all of their little essentials and even comes complete with mesh panels on the bottom to ensure all sand can be removed before carting it back to the car. It can also be brought in the equally cute crab design. Both designs are unisex, bright and perfect for the beach.

Rated 4.6 stars out of five, customers were satisfied that this little bag does the trick. Some customers suggested it was a little smaller than expected, but the vast majority were happy that it is big enough for young children to carry a few basic essentials with one stating, “Quite small and a great little bag for youngsters to carry their swim gear and perhaps a few small toys.”

Of course we’re going to need a few essentials to pop inside the bag. It’s often easier to buy a child’s beach towel for the kids, simply because they’re smaller, lighter and often come in cute designs like this disney princess Ariel poncho style towel.

Smaller than a regular beach towel, this little poncho will fit in their little tote bag and is light enough for them to carry all the way to the beach. Made from 100% cotton you can be sure it’s safe on sensitive skin, but washes well for plenty of trips to the beach. This child’s beach towel can be pulled over their head and worn as a poncho keeping them warm when they’ve just emerged from the chilly sea, and offering some privacy whilst allowing their wet swimming clothes to dry.

This beach towel is rated 4.3 stars out of five on Amazon with one mom saying she, “loved this towel, so cute and great for the beach.” Some were a little disappointed that the material isn’t the fluffy material often associated with bath towels, but overall it rates highly.

You can also buy this beach towel in other Disney designs including Minnie Mouse, Monster’s Inc, Sofia the First, Frozen and many more, to suit both boys and girls, by following the above link and heading to the sellers store.

Often when we take the children to the beach, we take advantage of the sunshine by spending the whole day there, which often means we need the children to sit down and eat some food or simply take a rest. So how about a cute beach chair to encourage it? Again Melissa and Doug have some great little designs such as this fold up beach chair.

Just 25 inches high, it’s ideal for little legs to help themselves to a rest, whilst being compact and light enough to fold up and carry along inside it’s accompanying carry bag. It also features a little cup holder, encouraging children to help themselves to much needed regular drinks to maintain hydration.

134 customers rate this little fold up chair 4.6 stars out of 5 on Amazon with one customer declaring it, “absolutely perfect for the younger kiddos.”

You can also buy this chair in other designs including a blue octopus and Bella butterfly.

Finally, you can’t take the children for a day out at the beach without children’s beach wear . Modern bathing costumes are both waterproof and offer sun protection complete with long legs or sleeves to protect little legs and shoulders. That’s why we love this little bathing costume by Tuga Sunwear.

This t-shirt and short set offers an SPF of 50+ covering both thighs, shoulders and offers a high neck to cover the chest. It comes in 3 colours; purple, pink or blue and sizes range from 12 months to 14 years.

74 customer reviews rate this product 4.6 stars out of five with customers liking the quality of the material, the coverage and the design.

Tuga Sunwear also offer high coverage sun protective clothing for boys too. This boy’s thermal sunsuit is also rated SPF 50+ covering arms and things and the full torso. The suit is made from 1mm neoprene for warmth whilst swimming whilst the nylon and lycra sleeves allow for maximum movement.

Rated 4.5 stars out of 5 with one customer confirming that the thermal neoprene blended with the lycra sleeves offers warmth without compromising movement, enhancing and extending her son’s swimming experience. She states, “he stays nice and warm for the whole time we’re in the water. An excellent buy!”

So there we have our best buys for ensuring your trip to the beach is child-friendly whilst also being purse-friendly. With lightweight and compact products that will enhance your family beach set whilst also being reliable, keeping your family safe from the sea and sun.